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MR3 - My Drugstore Toners: How Do They Work On My Skin?

I know there are people who do not want to invest too much in this step, and believe me, I am definitely one of those. While affordable toners are likely to bring about the same effect as fancy ones, why don't we give them a shot?

My Drugstore Toners: How do they work on my skin?

Personally, I am used to using toners since I built my skincare routine for the very first time. I know there are people who do not want to invest too much in this step and believe me, I am definitely one of those.

While affordable toners are likely to bring about the same effect as fancy ones, why don’t we give them a shot?

So, there are 4 drugstore toners that I’ve tried so far. Let’s keep reading to see whether they work or not.

(Little note: my skin is oily type).

1. Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner ($8/200ml)

What’s special?

The first thing that caught my eyes is “100% alcohol-free”. It contains:

  • Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf Water - soothing, antioxidant, antibacterial.

  • Panthenol, Allantoin, Chamomilla Extract - moisturize, soothing, antioxidant.

  • Niacinamide - anti-acne, skin brightening.


Water-like, transparent and odorless fluid. I prefer using my hands to apply to my face and gently pat until it is fully absorbed.

How I feel?

My skin feels both clean and moist at the same time, but not too clean nor too moist. Everything is just enough. It simply does exactly its role: balance and soothes skin. I barely notice anything different after going through two bottles.

Who should give it a try?

  • Teenagers, or anyone who is new to the skincare world.

  • People who are currently suffering from severe breakout/sensitive to super sensitive or fragile skin type.

2. Muji Light Toning Water - Light ($9.90/200ml)

What’s special?

  • It is said to be 5-free: No fragrance, no coloration, no mineral oil, no paraben-free, and alcohol.

  • Allantoin, Portulaca Oleracea Extract - soothing, healing wound.

  • Polyquaternium-51, Sodium Hyaluronate - high moisture preservation components.


I often apply this by using my hands, then slowly spread and pat across my face. This toner is perfect for the 7-skin method, but I usually apply just three to four layers, and it ends up giving my skin that just-got-a-facial glow.

How I feel?

This toner dries down very fast like I just apply a layer of water onto my face.

After the first layer, my skin immediately feels moist and soft. When finishing 4 layers, my face becomes a little bit glowy, but not greasy at all. I really appreciate its moisture effectiveness, and sometimes on summer days, I feel like I do not even need to apply moisturizer afterward.

Who should give it a try?

  • It is suitable for all skin types, especially for oily one, but I think who endure severe acne should not try it.

  • For dry skin type, the “moisture” or “high moisture” line will be a better choice.

3. Thayers Witch Hazel with Rose Petal ($11.17/12oz)

What’s special?

  • It is an alcohol-free toner.

  • Witch Hazel Extract - astringent, soothing, antioxidant, antibacterial.

  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice - soothing, moisture.

  • It does contain fragrance (natural rose).


It is watery and has a mild rose scent.

I apply this in two different ways: First, I dampen a cotton pad with the toner and wipe all over my face to remove leftover residue; then pouring a little bit into my hands and gently pat onto the face to provide additional moisture.

How I feel?

It is so relaxed when using this toner, maybe because of that pleasant floral scent. My skin was both cleansed and moisturized at the same time, but its cleansing ability seems to be better. After using it up, my skin looks more glowy, and my pores become tighter (of course not much!). I do not expect that from just a toner, but it really works on my skin!

Who should give it a try?

  • Combination to oily skin type.

  • Anyone who has enlarged pores should try this!!

  • Sensitive/super sensitive skin types should weigh it carefully, since fragrance may irritate and worsen skin problems.

4. The Ordinary Glycolic acid 7% Toning Solution ($12.50/8oz)

What’s special?

  • No parabens, no fragrance, and no sulfates.

  • Contains amino acids, aloe vera, ginseng, and Tasmanian pepperberry - antioxidant, soothing, moisturizing skin.

  • The most outstanding active element is glycolic acid 7% (a form of AHA) - a mild exfoliation, helps improve skin radiance, fade brown spots.


Its texture is watery, runny, and actually odorless just like the three toners I’ve mentioned above.

The best method to apply is pouring this toner into a cotton pad and slowly spread all over your face. As this is an acidic toner with pH 3.5-3.7, this way can maximize its effectiveness as an exfoliator.

How I feel?

First, it does not totally fragrance-free like what it is claimed. In fact, I think its scent is kind of fruity, but it is slight, not too overwhelming.

The texture is super light and dries down quite fast. When it is fully absorbed into my skin, I feel like I haven’t applied anything yet. My skin is completely matte, with no shine, no grease.

A few months later, I notice some changes, but not much. My skin radiance has been improved, not as dull as it was before. That’s a good sign! Besides, I experience no breakout at all, and my skin surface becomes smoother and softer since it is exfoliated regularly.

Who should give it a try?

  • Dull, rough, or uneven skin tone/texture.

  • For combination to oily skin, you can use it every other day.

  • For dry and sensitive skin types, I recommend using it 2-3 times a week. An acidic toner shouldn’t be used daily, it is way too much and may cause sensitivity and inflammation.

  • Remember to follow up with a moisturizer (in nighttime) and a broad-spectrum sunscreen (in the daytime).

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